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Cisse’ returns to Italy: he signed with AC Vicenza 1902

| News | Autore: Redazione

After previously playing for Lazio during the 2011-12 season, Djibril Cisse’ is returning to Italy. The French striker has surprisingly joined AC Vicenza 1902, the second team from the city that also features L.R. Vicenza Virtus, the club where Paolo Rossi and Roberto Baggio played in the 1980s.

AC Vicenza 1902 was created by two French entrepreneurs, Christian Payan and Brice Desjardins, after they failed to purchase the rights to the original Vicenza, which were acquired by Renzo Rossi. The new team has been practicing in Valdagno as they get ready to start their first season

While it remains to be seen in which division AC Vicenza 1902 will play (likely in Serie D) in the meantime they have made a significant addition in Cisse’.

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