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Griezmann: "I might play for Manchester United, Beckham is my idol. I'd like to end my career with his club in MLS."

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Antoine Griezmann, after spending the last half a decade impressing at Atletico Madrid, has been a player who has been on the wish list for fans and clubs of many of the world's top clubs. Several excerpts that will appear in the striker's autobiography reveal stories of many of the efforts made by Europe's top clubs to attract him: "Manchester United is a possibility, I already have a good relationship with Paul Pogba but he will not influence my decision. I don't know whether one day I might wear Manchester United's shirt. I have always worn number 7 because David Beckham is my biggest idol. When Pep Guardiola was coaching Barcelona in 2011 I received an offer from him, but I decided to stay at Atletico. Tottenham also was after me in 2014, and I turned down Paris Saint-Germain in 2015. Arsenal's scout Gilles Grimandi told me in 2013 that Wegner was very interested in me, so much so that I put aside all other offers. I waited, waited, and kept waiting, until finally no more news was coming. After a few telephone calls with Grimandi, he said that Wenger was still interested in me and so I continued waiting. At the end, a few hours before the transfer market closed, it was clear that Arsenal was not going to move forward, I didn't like hearing something that didn't happen after all. I would like to finish my career in MLS, at Beckham's team in Miami."

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