Inter, Skriniar: "Conte has brought a winning mentality. Ronaldo? Mess...
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Date: 11/10/2019 -

Inter, Skriniar: "Conte has brought a winning mentality. Ronaldo? Messi is better."

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Inter defender Milan Skriniar spoke with SportMediaset on Inter's start to the season, which saw then begin with 6 wins in league play, before falling to Barcelona in Champions League and Juventus in Serie A last week.

"We want to win, from the first day from retreat we've been working for this. Conte has brought a winning mentality and it's changing us from this point of view. We must continue like this, never stop and believe in ourselves until the end."

On the Juventus match: "It's true, we lost, but we played a good match. The difference was in the fact that they scored and we didn't. We need to continue to grow and the defeat needs to be a stimulus to still do better."

On the best attackers in football: "The one who has impressed me the most is Messi. You quickly understand that he sees the play and the space like nobody else. Then Bale and Ronaldo are also two great players. I have had the fortune to play against all three and it was great. I think that's the reason one starts to play football."

On his individual goals: "I would like to raise a trophy as Inter's captain, even if now my goal is to do the best possible for the team. In my head, I don't have a goal to become the best defender in the world, but I'm happy if someone may think that. I must only concentrate to improve myself and do well for Inter."


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