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Date: 26/08/2021 -

Manchester United accelerating for Cristiano Ronaldo, official offer made to Juventus: the figures

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The deal appears more or less definitive: Manchester United are accelerating to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford, overtaking Manchester City's attempts in the process.




After talks with Jorge Mendes in recent hours, Manchester United has presented their first official offer to Juventus to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo, spending a fee that Manchester City, who wished to obtain him on a Bosman deal in 2022, would not.



Between fixed portion and bonuses, Manchester United's offer should be close to €25 million, slightly less than the fee asked for by Juventus (€28.8 million) to cover his amortization.




Cristiano Ronaldo would receive from Manchester United a salary of £25 million after taxes per season. The offer is a significant one to try to bring the Portuguese striker back to the Premier League.


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