Bernardeschi: "Sarri is a valid option for Juventus. Italy? A team of...
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Date: 02/06/2019 -

Bernardeschi: "Sarri is a valid option for Juventus. Italy? A team of men."

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Italy attacker Federico Bernardeschi spoke to the press from Coverciano about everything from the Nazionale, the future manager of Juventus and the Champions League final. "There was a little bit of suffering while I watched the match, but now we only think about the present. Unfortunately this year ended with a strange edition. For the future I dream about winning Champions League and also the Euros."

On Antonio Conte, the new manager of Inter"I had the luck to be managed by him. He made history at Juventus as a player and coach. It's normal that the fans have certain passions but what he has done will stay."

On Allegri's departure: "He will be celebrated as deserved, because he won a lot and that isn't easy. He has his ideas, that led Juventus to many successes."

On the next Juve manager: "I don't express myself, we have a club with great decision makers, therefore whoever arrives means that they'll be at the top and bring something more for each player. As a player I can say that Sarri is a valid profile to me, but I don't know if he will be the next manager."

On the Nazionale: "It's an extraordinary group, made of many young talents. We're all in agreement to say that this is the Italy we wanted, made also of men and it's very important. Mancini worked a lot on this."

On Kean"He needs to grow without pressure and responsibility, he needs to still make mistakes to find his balance and work in the right way. It would be wrong to give him a label."

On the women's Nazionale"I want to wish them great luck. They represent Italy and we'll follow them and cheer for them. Maybe they'll be able to bring the cup home."


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