Behind the scenes of Messi's fracture with PSG: Saudi's bid's details,...
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Date: 03/05/2023 -

Behind the scenes of Messi's fracture with PSG: Saudi's bid's details, Inter Miami and Barcelona

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The story between Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain is over. There is no agreement for a contract extension: the Argentine champion will leave France after two seasons. Specifically, the casus-belli of the breakup was a trip to Saudi Arabia, which the club would not have authorised, after the 3-1 home-defeat against Lorient.




Messi has travelled to Saudi to discuss a sponsorship deal. The visit, however, was not out of the blue: the trip was planned and La Pulga had already postponed it twice. Usually, PSG gives the players a rest day on Monday, after the match: Messi, therefore, planned the trip, thinking there would be no problems. However, as Leo was leaving, the manager Galtier surprisingly decided to cancel the rest day, and it was impossible for the player to take part in the training session, postponing the trip a third time.

The player's father then tried to establish a dialogue with the PSG owners, but it was not possible. So, Messi left for Arabia and, upon his return, the definitive break with the French club came.




Messi's future: what's going on?

With his contract expiring in June, Messi is now reflecting on his future. Leo will always keep an open door to Barcelona, but, at the moment, it apprears as a difficult solution due to the Blaugrana's economic problems. The favorites in the race, therefore, are the Saudis of Al-Hilal, that offered a monstrous salary: 400 million net per season, as well as another 100/200 in possible sponsorships.




Meanwhile, in the coming hours Jorge Messi, father of the player, should have a meeting with Jorge Mas, owner of Inter Miami. The American club dreams of bringing the 1987-born player to the MLS, but the deal seems very difficult: on the one hand there is an extraordinary offer, the Saudi one, and on the other the possibility, never extinguished but complex, of a return at home, at Barcelona. However, Miami will try: already in recent months, the parties had negotiated, trying to close a "memorandum of understanding", a pre-agreement which, however, was never signed.

The race is open. Leo leaves Paris and the market-battle is about to start.

By Luca Bendoni and Gianluca Di Marzio

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