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Juventus, pondering a move for Real Madrid's Ronaldo: the situation

| News | Autore: Redazione

Juventus are pondering a move that would shake the football world. They are thinking about prying away Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Although they haven't made any official contact with the Spanish giants yet, they are currently working with his agent Jorge Mendes.

What's certain is the player will gladly leave Madrid as they have been back and forth on contract negotiations. His current contract expires in 2021 and the rapport between Ronaldo and Florentino Perez has completely broken down. Juventus knows that Ronaldo would come, as it's a destination he prefers, and they have a great relationship with his agent at the moment as they just closed a deal for Cancelo.

The transfer is currently in a studious stage, as its something Juventus are just pondering at the moment. Juventus would need to pay 120/150 million euros to Real Madrid for the player's rights. Ronaldo himself is also looking for 30 million net per season in wages, which would bring the total investment to around 400 million euros for the bianconeri.

According to Sky Sport, it is not clear that there would be external support from Agnelli or Elkan in order to finance the move, so Juventus would likely have to come up with the money through their own availability.

Reports in Spain claim a deal between Real and Mendes would allow Ronaldo to leave for a €100m, but those are unconfirmed. Also, Real Madrid want another ‘galactico’ to replace Ronaldo if he leaves, Neymar, an option, but the rumor of an agreement with the PSG star were disputed earlier by Real Madrid.

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