Halt in negotiations between Atalanta and Tottenham for Romero: the la...
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Date: 30/07/2021 -

Halt in negotiations between Atalanta and Tottenham for Romero: the latest

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The negotiations between Tottenham and Atalanta for Cristian Romero have come to a halt after this evening's meeting between the 2 clubs. Previously, the 2 clubs wanted to close a deal to send the defender to Spurs.



  The 2 parties left the meeting feeling like they haven't achieved the desired results. The negotiations could be called off indefinately. It remains to be seen there will be future contacts to reduce the differences and to return to the negotiation table. 



 For his part, Romero is pushing to join Tottenham and he has informed Atalanta of his wishes. The defender will return from his vacation and will be called up on Monday to start his pre-season training.

It seemed like in the last few hours that both clubs were close to a deal. Atalanta wanted time to find a replacement and Tottenham was looking to speed up the process as the Premier League starts in 2 weeks. It is only in the coming hours that we will find out if there is room to negotiate. 

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