Azzurri, Mancini: "We are Italy, we can begin a cycle. Kean can become...
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Date: 25/05/2019 -

Azzurri, Mancini: "We are Italy, we can begin a cycle. Kean can become extraordinary."

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Mancini-Italy, one year later. May 28th marked the date of his first match as the Azzurri CT, and 12 months later his adventure with the Nazionale is coming to life. Once league play ends, the team will face Greece and Bosnia, their most formidable challengers as they look to qualify for Euro 2020, but it's no problem for Mancini: "The majority of the group hasn't been on the national team for long, two more weeks won't be a problem."

Mancini spoke to La Stampa on his first year with the Azzurri: " The most petty thing is going months without being able to coach. Ideas come to me, but I'm unable to apply them. We're hoping to be repaid at the Euros. There are teams ahead of us. France is above everyone, but nobody has a phenom. If we do a good job, if we play an offensive football that is fun and gratifying, results will arrive. We're Italy, we can make like France or Spain and begin a cycle.:

An offensive mentality, talent and youth that's ready to play: this is the mix that Mancini wants: "Who do we need to pay attention to? Kean, he's only 19. It depends on him, but he can become an extraordinary attacker. Then Tonali, Barella, Mancini, Zaniolo."

Mancini then spoke on Allegri's departure from Juve: "Leaving after 11 titles is strange. In England that would never happen. They left each other well, but it's a strange situation." 

On future call-ups: "Belotti and Balotelli? For Mario the door is always open. I'll call up Belotti. We're playing a certain type of game and we need a certain type of player. He has other qualities, but if he scores..."



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