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The latest on the Dybala - Tottenham deal: image rights issue has to be solved

| News | Autore: Redazione

The transfer window closes on August 8th in England, so the coming hours will be exciting for the Premier League fans. For Paulo Dybala as well, as he's in contacts with Tottenham after the Spurs have found an agreement with Juventus. An important matter that has to be solved quickly is related to the player's image rights, a matter that had already been in the air during the negotiations with United. 

The company which owns Dybala's image rights has advised Tottenham (there have been contacts yesterday) that they couldn't close a deal without Juventus involved in the process, or rather that they couldn't get Paulo's image rights without them. Should Tottenham find an agreement on salary and commissions with Dybala's agent, they still should have to find another agreement with this company (image star) that belongs to his former agent, Pierpaolo Triulzi.

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