Real Madrid-Modric: the details on negotiations for a contract extensi...
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Date: 11/04/2022 -

Real Madrid-Modric: the details on negotiations for a contract extension

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The sides are at work for the contract extension bewteen Luca Modric and Real Madrid. The Croatian midfielder has a contract expiring in June 2022, but all sides intend to extend him for another season.


Modric joined Real in summer 2012, winning everything possible as a fixture in the side. The 36-year-old continues to show his value in his performances this season.


Real Madrid and Modric both wish to extend the player's current deal and it could include a small raise. Last season, Modric reduced his wages by 10% (from €12.5 million to €11.250 million net of taxes) to help the club during the Covid-19 pandemic. His agents want him to return to his pre-pandemic salary or at least remain at his current level. Real want an additional reduction in wages.


The sides will need to find an economic agreement before a deal is reached, but both sides intend to work together and contiue on for another season.


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