Mbappé's future: Real Madrid feeling confident, but PSG not backing of...
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Date: 11/04/2022 -

Mbappé's future: Real Madrid feeling confident, but PSG not backing off

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The future of Kylian Mbappé could be rewritten in a matter of months, with the PSG and France superstar's contract expiring at the end of June. Real Madrid have been courting Mbappé for some time, and already have a "handshake agreement" with the player. There is still the matter of whether the verbal agreement will translate to physical, signed agreement with the player, or if the situation will change.




Real Madrid are convinced that soon their verbal agreement with Mbappé will trasform into a signed deal, at least that is their sincere hope. If he accepts the deal, he is expected to receive €100 million at the time of signing and a contract for five years at €50 million net of taxes per season. There is a potential to stall the deal as Paris Saint-Germain are trying to convince Mbappé to stay, with nothing yet set in stone. Real, however, are feeling confident. 



The current operation has reflections of the deal in 2008 between Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. It was closed in the summer of 2008 before he joined the club in 2009. The agreement was sanctified by notaries and marked a planned expenditure of €96 million to Manchester United, plus a further €30 million penalty to be paid for any pushback from the parties (which did not occur). The Spanish club attempted to pull off the same move to assure Mbappé's arrival, but he did not sign the deal.




Real Madrid also tried to purchase Erling Haaland, who is the subject of strong interest by Manchester City. The deal allowed Haaland to remain another season at Dortmund, with a €125 million fee to obtain him the following summer, nearly double his €75 million release clause. But the player has decided to leave the Bundesliga now, rather than in a year, and the deal did not progress. So regarding Haaland, Real Madrid is pessimistic and somewhat resigned. Only if their deal for Mbappé collapses will the club look to move for the Norwegian. 


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