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Date: 02/03/2020 -

Milan, another revolution on the way: the ownership's decision after Boban's comments

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Milan director Zvone Boban's comments to la Gazzetta dello Sport revealed to the world the two souls that are currently running the club. On one side there is Boban, Maldini and Massara, the sporting side, and on the other side is Ivan Gazidis who was brought in by Elliot to run the club.

The ownership has also not reacted to the words made by Boban to the Italian newspaper. There will be no meeting to try and hear out the parties, no discussion to try and see if an agreement can be made and if the sides can continue together. 

Gazidis was accused by Boban of having gone behind the sporting sides back and contacting Ralf Rangnick while the season is still ongoing. Gazidis has continued this path towards his intention of entrusting the German with the future of the rossoneri (he has already been locked up and is currently learning Italian). 

It's a choice that Boban (and his group of Maldini and Massara) have not accepted, as they are aggravated at the fact that they weren't even consulted, all while the season is still being played. It brought to light the real cold war ongoing inside of the club. 

Therefore, Gazidis has already made a decision (in agreement with the board of directors) to communicate to Boban soon the early termination of his work with Milan, along with the other members of the sporting side (Maldini and Massara). A decision that could be made official in the coming days.

There was a lot of differences on how to bring the club forward: for example the sporting area had to force and force in order to make room in the budget to pay veterans Ibrahimovic and Kjaer, and were only able to do so for six months. Now, the future of these two "not young" players will hang in the balance after the dismissal of Boban.

Elliot has decided to not react to Boban's words and instead give more strength to Gazidis and his group (Moncada and Almstadt). This group intends to restart their plan to invest in an even younger Milan, one that at this point could be very "risky."

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