Juventus, Pirlo:”We must avoid resignation, the Champions League is st...
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Date: 11/05/2021 -

Juventus, Pirlo:”We must avoid resignation, the Champions League is still attainable”

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Juventus must defeat Sassuolo tomorrow in order to turn the corner following the loss to Milan and keep them in the race for a Champions League spot. Manager Andrea Pirlo had a specific message for his players in the pre match press conference:"Tomorrow we must play a great game: the most important thing is not be resigned, we have the duty to believe until the end, we are Juventus. There are three matches left, it's important to continue to believe"



 Pirlo was asked about two of his key players:"Ronaldo has played many matches and scored many goals, we'll see how he feels today and we will decide. Dybala? I don't care who plays, I want a collective match"



 Pirlo was asked about his own future:"I'm not concerned, I just think of what is good for Juventus which is more important than anything else. Results will say if I will be the manager, I'll try to do my best as long as I'm here"



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