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Juventus, Pirlo: "Dybala is feeling well, he will start tomorrow against Verona."

| News | Autore: Redazione

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke with the press prior to the team's match tomorrow against Verona, confirming that Dybala will start in tomorrow's game.

"Tomorrow, Dybala will play. He had a virus, he didn't train much and was not in the condition to play. But now he's well and it's right that he starts from the beginning. De Ligt is well. We must only wait for the approval from the medical staff, but the player is ready to play from both a physical and mental standpoint. The team is in food condition and, other than Chiellini, all will be available."

Cristiano Ronaldo will also miss tomorrow's match due to the coronavirus. "Upon until yesterday there weren't any updates. Once there are, we will communicate them. But even in the case of a negative swab, be won't be available tomorrow."

On tomorrow's formation: "Chiesa surely won't play, given he's disqualified. For the rest, we will have many options available that we will evaluate based on our opponent. It'll depend on who we want to play on the wings and attack. McKennie? He's negative, we hope to have him on the bench."

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