Juventus, Paratici: "Suarez will not join, there are other strikers be...
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Date: 20/09/2020 -

Juventus, Paratici: "Suarez will not join, there are other strikers being monitored"

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Juventus made news ahead of their opening match in Serie A involving the transfer market: Luis Suarez will not be the bianconeri's new striker.

Chief Football Officer Fabio Paratici explained in an interview with Sky Sport minutes before the match against Sampdoria: "Suarez is not an objective for Juventus on the market. He was never close, he's a great player and we considered the opportunity, but the timing to obtain his EU citizenship would be too long and would take beyond the transfer window."

While the route to Suarez is closed there is an option for Edin Dzeko. The deal, linked to Milik's eventual move to Roma, is not the only one being considered by Juventus at the moment. "There is no Dzeko situation, but a more general situation regarding the next striker for Juventus. We are dealing with it calmly, there are 15 days left, it's important to have a name in mind we want, but besides Dzeko there are other situations active."

Regarding Luca Pellegrini who was exluded from the squad to face Samp and is between a move to Fiorentina and Genoa: "He is prominent among our young players among whom we have Pjaca, Nicolussi, Portanova, Frabotta. We are looking to create the best path ahead to one day become a stable Juventus player.

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