Inter, Conte: "Lazio is a match of high difficulty. Eriksen will start...
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Date: 15/02/2020 -

Inter, Conte: "Lazio is a match of high difficulty. Eriksen will start when I decide he's ready to."

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Inter manager Antonio Conte spoke with the press prior to the team's upcoming match against Lazio, which pits two of the league's top three teams against each other in a game that'll surely have scudetto implications.

"It's a match of a high degree of difficulty, among outsiders. We're talking about a reality consolidated in the Italian league: last year Lazio won the Coppa Italia and then the Supercoppa. They're imposing themselves with the level of trophies and grew maintaining their strongest players and adding to them. Last but not least is the great job that Inzaghi has done, who has many years leading the team. It was a development of his work."

On Eriksen: "He's working with us and is understanding the situations we want from his part. I did something never done before, making him play quickly. With Udinese someone spoke on a performance that wasn't good and not inside the squad: it was normal, I forced him. There's the possibility to work, what I did with him is the best thing: he was able to make an impact when he entered. We'll see him from the beginning in the next matches when I think it'll be appropriate."

On VAR being called upon: "I don't like it because I must not call anyone. If there's a situation that isn't clear, what must I call? They must see it. We already have many thoughts, we must call on VAR. When it shows the images they're clear to decide at 95%, I don't think it's useful."

On the market voices regarding Lautaro"Notwithstanding his young age, he has enough head on his shoulders to understand that the market voices don't mean anything. I often see that when the market ends, they begin talking about the next one, of players that may be sold or acquired. The players are concentrated, they know that what they do on the pitch is the most important, the chatter doesn't matter at all."

On the referees: "There are difficulties, they're objective: there are situations that leave you perplexed. We must have the desire to always believe that it's done honestly, this is the basis of everything. When we don't think this way, it's right to get up and leave. You cannot accept bad faith. There is an error, there were important ones in the past, we hope that there are less in the future, in our favor or against."


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