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Chievo, Sorrentino praises Hart: “I've followed him for years, he's very good: now I can steal some more secrets from him”

| | Autore: David Amoyal

"Hart? He's very good." Words of Stefano Sorrentino, Palermo's goalkeeper. Monday marks Palermo-Torino, two teams that have influenced the career of the goalkeeper from Campania. Tuttosport contacted the ex-granata keeper to find out what he thinks about England's number one: "Torino has gotten a great goalkeeper. Against Slovenia, he was extraordinary, everyone said so. But that didn't surprise me. I've followed him for years, I love watching the best goalkeepers because I always have something to learn from them. And Hart has been part of my collection for a long time. I'll steal some more secrets from him in the next few months. He's not good at setting up the game? I say that the only important thing for a goalkeeper is to save. Now, in the modern game, goalkeepers have to know how to use their feet, but Hart knows this point of view as well. I see no limits or technical shortcomings in him. I'll repeat myself: the goalkeeper doesn't have to score goals, but avoid them. That's the only thing that matters. And if you have someone like Hart in goal, you already start with an advantage." "Hart exhibits an education that's a little different than ours. That makes it more interesting to study him, now that he plays in Serie A. He's very good, and has typical characteristics from English football, but not from Italy. For example, on a cross to a player who is directly in front of the goalkeeper. He has his arms and legs open, almost like a cross himself: to reduce the area of the goal as much as possible. It's a typical English way of saving the ball. In Italia they are just starting to introduce this style. Us Italian goalkeepers are used to dive in front, with our head and arms outstretched towards the ball. con la testa e le braccia protese verso il pallone. The real trick is to understand when it's useful to dive like this." Sorrentino has a special request for when he meets the English keeper: "Hart will keep improving, he will learn insider solutions from us to use in England. The best school for goalkeepers is in Italy. And he's already good on his own. He has a great physique, a great sense of positioning, and courage. He could get them a lot of points. Thanks to him, Torino could really fight for a place in Europe. I'll invite him to my school for goalkeepers! lo inviterò alla mia scuola calcio per portieri! I would love for my kids to meet him. Palermo-Torino? I have a great bond with both sets of fans. I remember them with great affection." On Belotti: "I'm not surprised by his growth. Two summers ago, shortly before he went to Torino, I told him that he will find the ideal environment there, because he reflects the most important values of Torino. He'll become one of the strongest strikers in Europe." @GIANMARCalciO
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