Chelsea, Sarri: "I'm enjoying myself in Premier League. Napoli? I coul...
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Date: 19/11/2018 -

Chelsea, Sarri: "I'm enjoying myself in Premier League. Napoli? I couldn't do more than what I've done"

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Chelsea and Sarri got to the international break without a defeat in Premier League, winning 28 points and only four points away from the English leader, Manchester City: the Italian coach can continue to hope repeating what he's done with Napoli in England and maybe even win a trophy this year. The former Azzurri coach has given an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport talking:

"I'm very well at the moment. The atmosphere is fantastic, the football is spectacular and a coach get to enjoy himself. I'd turn to see Klopp against Liverpool and he was smiling. I got closer and asked him why/ He said "I'm having a lot of fun, you?". "So do I". When you're living such situations, you know you've reached the top".

About his first months with Chelsea: "The results and the quality of our football are positive. 18 games without a loss, in such a competitive reality show that we're on the right track. I'm even more happy because we play a lot and the rhythm is really tight. I can't deny I already knew that we had a lot of commitments but I'm still looking for a good balance between training sessions and games".

"The one thing to correct is time-related. There isn't a lot of time between the training sessions and I think it doesn't help the coach nor the players. It's not even only about the physical aspect but also about the mental one. David Luiz surprised me by his availability and cleverness, Barkley has found consistency after a long period of injuries. Willian has great qualities. His playing style is perfectly suited to the English league; Morata is a quality player, fast and technically gifted. He's a sensible person and the difficulties had hurt him".

About his rivals: "Klopp is the one I feel closest to from a philosophical point of view. Mourinho is someone with extraordinary social qualities. He made a very good impression during the Stamford Bridge game with the episode involving one of my assistants. There's not a lot to say on the professional level. Emery studies a lot and is a great professional. He has a very high level offensive organization".

After the break, Chelsea will play Tottenham who will then host Inter in Champions League: "I think Tottenham won't choose their games. It will be a real game, it's a derby".

About Napoli and Serie A: "I took over a team that finished the season with 64 points and I've left reaching 91 points. I couldn't do more than what I've done. I now have a personal bound to the city and its people. I won't ever get tired of Napoli. They've compared my Napoli to Vinicio's, one of the first Italian teams, in the 70's, to travel to the future. I was honored".

"I have nothing to say to De Laurentiis. He's given me the biggest satisfaction in my life trusting me with Napoli, my hometown team. It's been a magnificent adventure that can't be resumed which can't be canceled because of its end. Their opponents? This Juventus has a priority, winning the Champions League. It could be a small advantage for the concurrence. Ancelotti against insults in stadiums? I think I was the first coach to contact the referee and ask him to intervene in a stadium full of people insulting the Napoletani. I 100% agree".


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