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Chelsea, rupture with Courtois: Real and Liverpool interested

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Thibaut Courtois has been with Chelsea since 2014, but it could be coming to an end soon because the goalkeeper's contract will expire in 2019 and the negotiations to extend his contract has not gone as Chelsea hoped. In reality, we can practically talk about a real rupture. There will be no extension and the two parties are heading towards a divorce. Both Champions League finalists (Liverpool and Real Madrid) are interested in the Belgian. Real Madrid seem like that they don't want to continue with Navas and Liverpool still have fresh memories of Karius' errors in Kiev. In summary, there are two serious candidates for Courtois. Only time will tell if he will continue in the Premier League or move to La Liga, but what is certain that he won't be playing for Chelsea. It is possible that the Blues could enter the race for Alisson.

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