​Capello: “Totti? He was prone to gaining weight; I never thought he w...
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Date: 09/12/2016 -

​Capello: “Totti? He was prone to gaining weight; I never thought he would play until 40”

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From the early days of his career, to his experience with his three Italian clubs: Fabio Capello revealed some backstories from his perspective. He begins with the doping scandals:

“To say that the league was illegitimate is too much, few teams were out of the loop. For a while there was only the uranilysis, clearly not enough. Zoff thinks they should take away our titles? I’m surprised; everyone has their own opinion. For me they were two titles that we won on the pitch”.

Can Roma and Milan compete with Juventus?: “Roma isn’t too far off. Now that they have their striker in Dzeko, they need to convince themselves of their own capabilities. I never would have thought Totti could play until 40, he was always prone to gaining weight. I always imagined he’d have a similar career ending to Ronaldo, but he did well to understand how he should train and eat. Milan is further behind, but Montella is doing a good job. Seeing him as a player, I wouldn’t have imagined him as a coach”.


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