Atalanta, works for the total renovation of the stadium will begin in...
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Date: 23/10/2018 -

Atalanta, works for the total renovation of the stadium will begin in May

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It's finally official: works will begin in May for the total renovation of the stadium of Bergamo. Some news the Atalanta fans were expecting for a long time and the completion of a project brought forward by Antonio Percassi's club.

In June 2010, the businessman took over the club from Alessandro Ruggeri and there already were talks about renovation work for the stadium, besides the possibility of building a new one outside the city and far away from all the traffic issues.

After long bureaucratic talks, conditioned by the appeals of Albinoleffe, Atalanta signed the acquisition contract in August 2017: an historic day for the city and the nerazzurri fans.

What will happen now? When will the works begin? The mayor Giorgio Gori has announced it in a long publication on Facebook: "In May, after the end of the season, the works will begin". That was anticipated by president Percassi during the summer: "We'll start from the Curva Nord, which we'll demolish and build again". Fully covered and on the pitch's side.

The following summer, it will be Curva Sud's turn, and at this point, Atalanta will be close to have a brand new owned stadium, fundamental for the club's present and future growth. Modern and vanguard, with bars, restaurants, shops and a museum.

With the hope that Gasperini's side will be able to play their Europa League games in Bergamo, in their stadium, where they couldn't for the last two seasons because of the structural inadequacy of the plant. The team and the club believe it, but above all the fans, who certainly don't want to stop dreaming.

Picture: Giorgio Gori (Facebook)

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