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Roma, Schick's interview between his insecurity, the will to show his qualities and to demonstrate he can be a starter for Roma

| News | Autore: Redazione

Fourteen games this season and only one goal, in Coppa Italia against Torino, for an experience by the Giallorossi that until now hasn't met the expectations after a €40m transfer. Patrik Schick hasn't showed yet, between injuries and an incomplete adaptation, all his value under Roma's shirt. The forward has spoken from his retreat:

"Things haven't gone like I expected, but I'll show to everyone I've got the qualities for Roma. It's also because I have of the best strikers ahead of me, Dzeko, and I'll learn a lot from him. I don't want to leave. I've got used to not feel the pressure even if it's not easy: there is definitely more pressure in Rome than in other places. It now all depends on me, how I train but I'll do everything to prove I can be a starter. It's not an easy situation, I can't lie: I miss a bit of confidence. I want to show my qualities though. We still have a bit of time before the end of the season".

Some help could come from Edin Dzeko, as the two players have developed a friendship: "I don't think he feels the concurrence, he's in such a moment in his career that he can't allow himself to think like this. Edin is really good, I learn a lot from him and he also speaks Czech. I'll take everything he can learn me as he's a world class striker. I'm not looking for excuses but there were problems in the beginning. At first with my heart, which hasn't allow me to prepare, then muscular ones, perhaps due to too much haste: I should have trained more slowly. My enthusiasm was really big but the muscles couldn't handle it".

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