Raiola: "Donnarumma can stay at Milan, even for his whole life. Balote...
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Date: 28/05/2018 -

Raiola: "Donnarumma can stay at Milan, even for his whole life. Balotelli would be great deal for anyone"

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Gianluigi Donnarumma and Milan, a story that seems destined to continue again; at least according to the words of the agent of the 99' born goalkeeper, Mino Raiola.

On the sidelines of the Football Leader event in Naples for the event, the agent spoke about the future of his client: "Gigio can stay at Milan, even for life, and we need to respect the fans. Donnarumma remains alive for Milan, it has always been the request of the fans. Irony? I do not know what irony is, it's easier for the Chinese owners to leave, than Gigio to leave".

Raiola also spoke of another one of his assistants, Mario Balotelli, who has just been called up to the National team for the first time since 2014 and could now return to play in the starting line-up:

"He is one of the strongest Italians: those club with an ambitious project can certainly think of him today for their team. The excuse of his behavior is no longer valid - he has proven to be matured and is vice-captain of Italy. It would be a blow from all points of view if that was the excuse. Now it's up to the clubs to evaluate, in the meantime I'm happy for him and for Italy. This is his great ambition, the national team has always been his passion. Where will he go? Napoli, Roma ... we will see".

On Insigne and on another client Justin Kluivert - who is interested in Roma:

"Napoli is ready for Insigne to be captain? People must be respected. Too much love hurts. You cannot love someone too much one day and hate them the next - Insigne is ready to be captain of Napoli, I do not know if Napoli is ready for Insigne to be captain."

"Justin Kluivert far from Ajax? The problem is that Ajax does not want to sell him and the other jewels they have", concluded Raiola.

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