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Napoli president De Laurentiis: "Di Lorenzo is a great move. We would have to sell before we could buy other players"

4. AURELIO DE LAURENTIIS (Napoli) - 48,98 punti

| News | Autore: Redazione

Starting again from Ancelotti and taking advantage of stability: "Napoli is the only big team who hasn't had an internal revolution", has said Aurelio De Laurentiis to Il Corriere dello Sport. "This will allow us to build an even stronger team, with Ancelotti who has two more years of contract. We're really happy about his work during his first season".

About his ideas for the transfer window: "Summer will be long. Before buying anyone, we'll have to reduce the number of players we have. We need to remember we have a certain number of players that have been loaned out: Sepe, Grassi, Inglese. We also have already bought Di Lorenzo, a great move".

About Sarri-Juve: "I am completely detached from that affair. I think that when people grow older, they have the responsabilities of their own actions".

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