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Napoli, Ancelotti after Arsenal match: "In the second leg we'll put much more strength into the game"

| News | Autore: Redazione

Carlo Ancelotti and Napoli left the Emirates Stadium with a little bit of a mountain to climb when they face Arsenal in the second leg of their Europa League fixture. The manager had this to say to Sky Sport after the game: "Arsenal surprised us, for knowing that they would press a lot in the beginning. In fact courage was missing, above all at the beginning. To get back into the game was then difficult, but in some areas we did it. We even had opportunities to score, we did not succeed: we hope that our fans can give us a hand to make up the distance."

"What gives me hope? The fact that Arsenal aren't a team that's unpenetrable. We proved this in the second half: we don't need frenzy and anxiety, we can overturn this. It won't be easy, it wasn't before and knew it. But it's not impossible. Today we committed a lot of technical errors: we made too many mistakes and it was surprising to see so many errors. Where do we start from? From the second half, for sure: it was played well, we risked a little because they are very dangerous on the counterattack. And then we need to throw away the timidness of the first half: There is the opportunity to play again and they have given up goals away from home. We maintain our faith and optimism."

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