Nantes, Ranieri: "I'm like Christopher Columbus, I like to move. Donna...
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Date: 30/06/2017 -

Nantes, Ranieri: "I'm like Christopher Columbus, I like to move. Donnarumma? I stand with Gigio and Raiola, it isn't a money matter"

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Claudio Ranieri will start his new adventure fresh from the start in France after he made history in England with Leicester. He has given interviews both to La Gazzetta dello Sport and La Stampa: "I've forgotten. I always do that, putting everything behind and looking right ahead, it's one of my merits. I'm someone enthusiastic, ready to start again and putting all the passion I have in my work, let's call it like that".

So many benches had in Europe: "I'm like Christopher Columbus, I like to move. I adapt because it's a matter of the character, the mentality. I've got an open mind, ready to understand and perceive the situations. After the Premier League winning, nothing's changed to me, but no one will never forget what happened with Leicester. This win has been transformed in a global phenomenon, seen from all over the world, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, China, South America. I was asked to go everywhere on the planet. I've never thought about leaving, never. I have to stay on the field. I don't picture myself at home yet, it's not the moment yet. What's left to me from Leicester? The fans' love, it's been incredible. I'm not talking about when we won, seeing families coming to my house to thank me has been unique and emotional. If I was told that I would win the Premier and then get sacked, I would have asked where to sign for that".

About Cristiano Ronaldo that might leave Real: "It could happen. Cristiano has almost win the Champions League by himself. I don't know what he'll decide. If I could give an advice to every big team in Europe it's that Ibrahimovic is currently a free agent. He's a champion and a leader, once he'll recover he'll make the difference again".

About Donnarumma: "I stand with Gigio and Raiola, it's not a money matter and it's ridiculous talking about betrayal. The core of the problem is that the player will renew his contract if he'll believe in the new project. Raiola had said that "A talent like Donnarumma deserves to be part of a great team". Is Milan like the 5-6 best European teams today? Money doesn't even get in consideration. The rossoneri's offer was great, it's a matter of ambition, of professional journey. If Donnarumma went to Real Madrid as an example, in the coming 10 years he could win 2-3 Champions League, right?".

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