Milan reflecting on Bordeaux's Onana: first meeting for Tonali contrac...
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Date: 23/08/2022 -

Milan reflecting on Bordeaux's Onana: first meeting for Tonali contract extension

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Milan and Bordeaux have stalled in their negotiations for Jean Onana. The French club has rejected the possibility of loaning out the midfielder with the obligation to buy. They have requested a permanent transfer worth 4-5 million euros. Milan will decide in the coming hours on whether to offer a permanent transfer.



 Meanwhile, Milan met with agents Giuseppe Riso and Marianna Mecacci to discuss a contract extension for Sandro Tonali. His contract is set to expire in 2026, but it could be extended. After reducing his salary last year, the Rossoneri may reward him after being one of the leaders during Milan's scudetto- winning season. 



 After extending Tomori's contract, Maldini and Massara consider Tonali as another important piece of the squad and it is their main objective to extend the player's contract. If Tonali signs a new contract, this would be his third contract extension after being at the club for 3 years. It is an average of one contract extension per year. 

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