Milan, Bonaventura: "Renewal? I have no problem with the current owner...
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Date: 22/12/2016 -

Milan, Bonaventura: "Renewal? I have no problem with the current ownership, I hope it will be the same with the new one"

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Jack Bonaventura has become an absolute idol for fans of the rossoneri. Outside the pitch he's a great person and when his boots are on he is a mixture of technique and grit that the fans want from the other 10 players. As he gets ready to take on Juventus in the Supercoppa, Jack dicussed his contract situation and the final to La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

On the flight issues: "If we had left a day earlier we would have adapted a bit better. Essentially we have one day less to get used to our surroundings. The club have said their part, we players have to focus on the match and not make this become an excuse. It's a six hour flight, leaving according to the program would have been better. Now that it's happened we need to transform it into more anger to put out on the pitch. Transform it into something positive. Obstacles? The climate and a few hours of jet lag, the personal rythm changes a bit".

Jack also discussed his contract situation: "With the current ownership, there are no issues. I also hope that the new owners will have the same idea about me".


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