Locatelli, new meeting between Juventus-Sassuolo: no agreement yet bet...
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Date: 29/07/2021 -

Locatelli, new meeting between Juventus-Sassuolo: no agreement yet between clubs

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Juventus are continuing to make Manuel Locatelli a priority. Cherubini met with Carnevali and Giovanni Rossi on Friday to try to let the talks proceed, but even after the third meeting between the parties, a deal hasn't been reached.

Juventus' offer has not reached the amount Sassuolo has asked for, there is no motion on the important deal therefore unless new steps are taken.



Something to raise the hopes of Juventus could be the player's will to play for the bianconeri. Sassuolo chief Carnevali made as much known in an interview this week.




Locatelli, in addition to the performances he delivered to help Sassuolo, became a big name on a big stage at the Euro, scoring twice in Italy's win against Switzerland.




For Locatelli, who dreams of competing in the Champions League, his hopes are pinned on a deal between the clubs becoming unlocked.

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