Koundè and the others: Manchester United start their casting for the d...
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Date: 13/05/2021 -

Koundè and the others: Manchester United start their casting for the defence

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Manchester United are starting looking for a new central defender, after having renewed Cavani's contract for another year.

At the top of the wishlist there's Jules Kounde, class 1998 central defender currently playing for Seville. French defender has joined Spanish side in 2019 being the most expensive signing in the history of the club: 25 million euros, a fee that after two years could become a massive capital gain for Seville.

United have asked informations for the player but Seville is asking 65 million euros, as the contract of the player is expiring in 2024 and he's proving to be one of the best defenders in La Liga. Last summer Manchester City tried to sign the defender, but Seville rejected a 55 million euros offer from the English side.




Manchester United are working in order to try to lower Seville demands but they are already looking for other possible names: one is Wesley Fofana, class 2000 defender for Leicester, arrived one year ago in England for 35 million pounds. Fofana is one of the columns who are leading Leicester to an important qualification to the next Champions League.

In the casting there's also a defender from Serie A, as the club is looking for a young player: Atalanta's jewel Cristian Romero. At the top of the wishlist Kounde keeps being the preferred by Manchester United: the assault is already ongoing.


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