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Juventus, Pjanic on transfer rumors: "If there is a huge fee attached to me it just means I am playing well"

| News | Autore: Redazione

The future of Miralem Pjanic is a big topic at Juventus. After the midfielder signed with a new agent, there has been speculation that he is preparing to move clubs ahead of the season. At an event for Juventus on their US tour, Sky Sport interviewed Pjanic, who was happy to discuss the transfer rumors: "I have read a lot of things that have made me laugh, but I am relaxed and doing my preparations. This is just how the transfer market is: sometimes a club interest in you, sometimes they don't. But at this club I am very happy. I'm calm. I have had a good two years where I am happy with how I have grown. I am with a good team and I have a good relationship with my coach. The transfer fees that are being attached to my name? It means I am playing well, but you would have to talk to the club: I am playing football and trying to make improvements."

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