Juventus, Higuain's brother-agent: "He will no longer play in Italy. W...
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Date: 02/09/2020 -

Juventus, Higuain's brother-agent: "He will no longer play in Italy. We appreciated Pirlo's frankness"

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After being told by the new coach Andreo Pirlo that he was not going to be part of his and the club's plan for the future, Argentinian striker Gonzalo Higuain is getting ready to leave Juventus and Serie A, as revealed by his brother-agent Nicolas Higuain in an interview with Tuttosport.

"We appreciated Pirlo's frankness. He told Gonzalo what he thought, it is not something that happens very often and it was important for us", Nicolas Higuain said.

The Argentinian's agent, however, was hopeful that Pirlo could give Higuain a chance: "We are talking about a striker that in the last few years has scored 350 goals. Normally, it will take you 10 seasons to score this many goals. But people forget it easily. However we know how the game works and we know that these things can happen."

"Gonzalo's future? He has received offers from France, England, Spain, China and USA clubs, but not the ones that could me you go weak at the knees. We will make our evalution carefully, but two things I can say for sure: Gonzalo will no longer play in Italy and most of all he will never play for Boca Juniors. He grew up at River Plate and he would never join their rivals. Retiring? This is nonsense. The time has not come yet, he wants to play. How long he will play, it's up to him. But he wants to keep playing. Maybe he will return to Argentina in the future, but not now".

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