Juventus, Allegri:”Tomorrow is an important night for Italian football...
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Date: 02/03/2019 -

Juventus, Allegri:”Tomorrow is an important night for Italian football”

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Everything is set for the big match between Napoli and Juventus at the San Paolo stadium tomorrow. The bainconeri’s manager Massimiliano Allegri addressed numerous topics in the pre game press conference:”Napoli are having a great season in the league, tomorrow needs to be a night of sports above all. Tomorrow we’ll have to play a great match because it’s an important night for Italian football, I don’t think it will be a stalled match”

Allegri addressed the status of some of his key players:”Ronaldo is feeling well, he practiced with the team and tomorrow he’ll play. Cuadrado is far from returning. We hope to recuperate Douglas Costa for the match against Atletico Madrid. Tomorrow one between Can and Bentancur will play. Mandzukic hasn’t scored in the new year? It’s a moment like this, it happens to every striker”

Allegri was asked about his future and status at Juventus:”I saw the president the other day, and like every year we’ll meet to discuss the year and the future. But without any problems, because like I said I have a bond with Juventus. Criticism is dictated by expectations that go beyond any reality”

Allegri was also asked about social media:”Fans who come to the stadium always made me feel their affection. I’m a manager and need to set an example, criticism are part of the game. Social media? It’s an important tool, but not for everyone. This is a social problem

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