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Joe Hart on his teammate Belotti:"He's similar to all the top strikers, he's special. The level in Serie A is impressive"

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After six months in Serie A, it's time for Joe Hart to assess how he has fit in at Torino. The Manchester City keeper spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport about how he has acclimated himself to playing in Italy:"Sometimes football can be crazy, now I find this situation a normal development in my career. I got to know a new perspective on football. What is my biggest defect? I'm never satisfied with myself and so I say everything: I need to improve with this. Are Premier League keepers as good as the ones in Serie A? In England their ability doesn't change if they play in a top or normal club. But the level in Serie A is impressive, I say this in general not just with keepers"

Hart was also asked about his teammate Belotti who has been linked to Premier League clubs:"Andrea is similar to all the great strikers, English and not. It's hard to compare him to someone else because he's special. He's Belotti and that's it. He has instinct for goals, personality and he's a team player: he's always focused on his team and plays hard to help it" Hart was asked about his future, what does he expect after his loan with Torino ends:"Today I'm only focused on Torino, I'm only looking to today, at most I'll think about the match against Milan. It's not a way not to answer, I'm truly this way. Contractually I'm a Manchester City player, we'll find out the rest in summer"

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