Inter, Spalletti: "Icardi won't be selected. The captain's armband? A...
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Date: 16/02/2019 -

Inter, Spalletti: "Icardi won't be selected. The captain's armband? A decision to favour the club"

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The 'Mauro Icardi case' continues to bring drama.

Inter manager Luciano Spalletti spoke at a press conference today to present the Nerazzurri's next clash against Sampdoria in the Serie A TIM. However, the main topic is still linked to the decision to take away the captain's armband from the Argentine striker.

"The fundamental thing is being right. It's a matter of fairness for what concerns the team and Inter as a whole. In the locker room, we say things directly to each other. We can say that this was a decision that is not against Icardi, but for the benefit of Football Club Internazionale Milano. This in principle, was what yesterday's dialogue consisted of. Fairness towards the team goes takes precedence over everything, we always want the concept of a 'team' - it's not a single player that determines a club."

"We are sorry to have to make this decision because Mauro is a strong player and we want to use the qualities of all our best players. Will he be summoned for the match against Samp? He has a problem and is not in a position to play; tomorrow Mauro will not be with us. Even for Keita, we will have to wait a few more days. He still needs a couple more training sessions."

"How do you get out of this situation that we have created? We have to show our professionalism - we are willing to go over everything and everyone for the good of Inter. About what happened this morning to Wanda - I hope that whoever did this is held responsible."

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