Inter, Conte: "We have done something quite unexpected, the balance of...
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Date: 14/05/2021 -

Inter, Conte: "We have done something quite unexpected, the balance of power has shifted significantly"

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Inter has circled the match with Juventus on their calanders, and despite already celebrating winning the Scudetto, the nerazzurri are looking to challege the former title holders. The evening before the match, coach Antonio Conte spoke to Inter's official channel to preview the match:

"During the course of the season there are matches where you are put up against the strongest, and you learn what your level is. Winning against the team that has won nine consecutive titles and held a gap over Inter has a lot of significance from a persepctive of self-confidence and belief in our methods. It is a very important match in that regard. There is a risk that the game could become something important in itself and become a boomerang, we could think we are strong and relax. Instead we were very strong, capitalizing in the right way and giving the right importance to this on our long road."




"Sincerely I did not expect that the power dynamic would shift this much. I expected a very even competition. There is balance, but behind Inter: we have done something unexpected, and for the way it was done."



"Each match is worth three points and it's the only thing that the players and everyone else should look at. When you face teams like Juventus, Milan, Napoli, Atalanta the difficulty level is raised. But the league is won in 38 matches, every one is of equal importance."



"In a balanced league there has been one team that has done extraordinary things: it is deserved by the players and the whole of Inter."

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