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Inter-Barella, the figures of the transfer

Nicolò Barella (Inter), esordio in amichevole Italia-Ucraina 1-1, 10 ottobre 2018

| News | Autore: Redazione

Nicolo Barella's transfer to Inter is a done deal, the negotiations were completed in the last few hours. Barella will head to Milan on Thursday night and take his medicals on Friday to finalize the transfer. The fees agreed to are for €45m in all, a loan with purchase obligation (€12m loan plus €25m obligation. There are also a series of bonusus that are easily reachable that push the fee to €45m, which is equivalent to Cagliari's asking price, plus several more difficult to reach bonuses that could see the total amount reach €50m. The negotiations amounted to several personal and club objectives, which are difficult to reach.

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