​Gabbiadini-Southampton, Napoli may receive clause for a percentage on...
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Date: 26/01/2017 -

​Gabbiadini-Southampton, Napoli may receive clause for a percentage on future sale

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With Southampton pushing for Manolo Gabbiadini, their official offer to Napoli is already on the table: 16 million Euro plus an extra four million based on goal-related bonuses in the Premier League.

The first of the four bonus million would apparently come in to play after Gabbiadini’s eventual 10th goal in the league, and the second million by the 15th goal.

In addition, Napoli may get the guarantee of receiving 10% of an eventual future sale of Gabbiadini: Another clause used by Southampton in hopes of convincing Napoli and president De Laurentiis to reach an agreement.


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