Enquiries for Juventus' Arthur: Monza still interested in Rovella: the...
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Date: 27/08/2022 -

Enquiries for Juventus' Arthur: Monza still interested in Rovella: the latest on their outgoing transfers

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After bringing in Kostic and Milik, Juventus are looking to sort out their outgoing transfer market. The midfield is set to be redesigned as Paredes' arrival is imminent. Arthur is receiving interest from the Premier League, Ligue 1 and Portugal. Monza is also still interested in Rovella.



 Other the two midfielders mentioned, Fagioli is also set to leave. The midfielder has received multiple loan offers. With these 3 players looking like that they will leave, it is probable that Zakaria will stay at the club.



 As already mentioned, Juventus are moving closer to bring in Paredes from PSG. The transfer is in the final stages, The two parties have found an agreement and the documents will be signed after the weekend games. Paredes was not called up for PSG's game against Monaco. 

Arrivabene spoke to DAZN about the transfer market: "We would be happy if we can sell to balance the budget. We also hope that there are exits as well as entries. Paredes? We are talking, but it is very important that we sell."

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