Dybala speaks with Del Piero: "I hope to arrive at his level and becom...
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Date: 29/04/2017 -

Dybala speaks with Del Piero: "I hope to arrive at his level and become an icon for Juventus"

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Paulo Dybala and Del Piero recently to spoke to Sky Sport: "Del Piero is an example. Following his legacy will certainly be a difficult task, but I hope to reach his levels on and off the pitch. He has always been a respectful player; I had the pleasure to get to know him on a personal level and he demonstrated himself to be a great person," claimed Dybala.

"My shirt number? Wearing the number 21 shirt is a big responsibility. Alex did amazing things with the number 10 shirt; I respect my number and chose to continue playing with it. If the club asks me to wear the number 10 shirt, then we will have that conversation. But I will not be the one to ask for it." Del Piero then stated the following: "I am happy for him and hope that he manages to do better than me. He is doing great things while still being true to himself. He is an inspiring player, and when this is the case, one's number isn't so important."

Dybala then spoke about Juve's most recent match against Atalanta: "We obviously would have preferred not to tie, but we did everything to win the match even if we left too much open space in the first half. I changed my position in order to have more space because Massiello was man-marking me."

"Who is the better dribbler? Today, he is," Del Piero laughingly stated. "Who is the better finisher? For the moment I have scored more." Dybala then responded to the question of who was better between the two: "I still must do a lot to arrive at his level, but I hope to get there. I would like to become an icon for this club."

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