City Group confirms the addition of Palermo FC: details
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Date: 04/07/2022 -

City Group confirms the addition of Palermo FC: details

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The City Group have bought Palermo Football Club. This was confirmed after the club secured promotion into the second division of Italian football, Serie B.




Palermo FC: the club

Palermo FC is a club based in Sicily. It was founded on the 1st of November in the year 1900. It is currently in the Serie B and Palermo is one of the most historic places in Southern Italy.   

The club didn’t have the best of times after it hit a low. The club went bankrupt. They’ve had to work their way back up all the way from Serie D, fourth division of Italian football, and have now found their way in Serie B. 




The club now join a list of 10 other clubs that are now owned by the City Group and those clubs include Mumbai City FC and New York City FC, as also French side Troyes and Spain's Girona.


Palermo FC chairman Dario Mirri says: "We are so happy to welcome City Group to Palermo. We wanted to find the right investor with a deep knowledge of football to help to continue to take us forward “. He also added: "We agreed an investment before the end of the season so we know we have a partner that is committed “.




From the City Group side they had to say: “Palermo is a great and historic club with a strong and proud identity… this is a very special club“. Furthermore the City Group spokesman added: “Italy is one of the world’s most exciting and passionate football countries, with a rich history of national team and club success, passionate supporters and a track record of fantastic footballers. We are delighted that City Football Group has extended its presence in Italy".

by Mohammed Ibrahim

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