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Cassano retires: "I apologize to everybody, my family is my top priority"

Ph: Mirko Barbieri

| News | Autore: Redazione

The decision now seems to be made: Antonio Cassano retires from football. After having excluded that possibility at first, the player has now communicated his choice through his wife's social accounts as it was the case last time. Here is his communicate:

"On the contrary of what appeared on my wife's social accounts, I'd like to make things clear. Carolina was wrong, after I thought it through, at the end I decided that Antonio Cassano won't play football no more. I apologize to Verona's city, to their fans, to the president Maurizio Setti, to the sportive director Filippo Fusco, to the coach Fabio Pecchia, to my teammates and members of staff. A 35-year-old man must follow his motivations and right now being close to my children and wife is my top priority. Antonio Cassano"

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