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Cassano: "I'll retire if I'm not in a team by September"

Ph: Mirko Barbieri

| News | Autore: Redazione

It's been 474 days without football for Antonio Cassano. Fantantonio has given an interview to the Gazzetta dello Sport: "Someone who knows how to play can stay on the side but I've given myself a deadline. If the right call hasn't been made by September, I'll retire. I'm a free agent: if someone would like to have me they'll know how to contact me. Right now there are Entella and Cagliari, nothing else. I've got a great bound with Gozzi beyond the football matters. In last January there has been a handshake but I then didn't feel like playing in Serie B. I've told him, he's understood me and I think him for that. I'm now ready: bringing Entella in Serie A could become my dream. On the other hand, I could find Tibaudi at Cagliari, my historic physiologist, he knows how to train me. I also love Sardinia and their people, I go there on holiday every year".

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