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"When will Pogba arrive?", the fans ask...Manchester Airport responds on Twitter

| News | Autore: David Amoyal

The Paul Pogba 2.0 experiment in Manchester is about to begin. The newest purchase of the Red Devils, the most expensive transfer ever, has landed in England. An arrival that has not gone unnoticed, after weeks of negotiations, the player was expected by Sky Sports cameras; even though he did not go to them directly, they still managed to capture photos of the player at the airport. Pogba is now in Carrington - as seen in the photos taken by the Sun - where he is undergoing a medical before signing his new contract.

And even if the French player did not show himself to the media at the airport, the fans are still able to know his every move. How? In the era of the Third Millenium, where shots from the anywhere and anyone in the social world can predict the future, if you're the player who broke the transfer record, it's impossible to escape the relentless web investigators. This is how the French midfielder was even betrayed by the Manchester Airport on social media. On Twitter, in fact, the airport's official profile announced "An important passenger has just touched down at the airport. Can anyone guess who it might be?" The answer to this question was much too easy and obvious. In an instant, the Manchester Airport account has been flooded with questions of fans and onlookers. Many of the fans have been nice in their responses, like the one user who posted a photo of Pogba on the runway, Pokemon style. "A wild Pogba appeared," replied the airport.

Searching to guess who the "special passanger" might be, many fans also lightheartedly brought up other players, from Dirk Kuyt to Sanogo, to the ex-Juventus striker Bendtner, Djemba-Djemba and various actors' names (famous or not). Someone even suggested a past rumor: "Is it James from Real?", a fan asked. "Bebe is back," responded the airport, mentioning one of the few flops of the Alex Ferguson era. But there are also pleasant clues from the airport, for Mourinho and fans alike, that reveal the now-ex Juventus player. "He cost a fortune," "He kicks the ball really well," "He's returned home." Three clues, but there's only one guess. Four years and over 100 million later, Paul Pogba is ready to conquer - this time permanently - Manchester United. @GIANMARCalciO

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