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West Ham, Arnautovic's brother and agent: "Marko is ready for the next step in his career, he wants to win trophies. Many Premier League clubs are interested in him"

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West Ham Marko Arnautovic's brother-agent Daniel speaks to about the striker's future: "He is ready to take a step forward. Inter? He has very good memories of Milan"

Marko Arnautovic could leave West Ham to take "a step forward in his career", as his brother and agent Daniel revealed to

"He is ready for the next step. - said the Austrian's agent - It's not like that he wants to leave, but we believe that the time has come that Marko takes a step forward in his career, maybe try to win a trophy, maybe the Champions League. The stats are on his side". Speaking of stats, the former Stoke City striker is second, just behind Salah for goal, assist and performances. "We are proud of these numbers, they support our idea", continued Daniel.

The idea is that of leaving the Hammers, with Italy as a possible destination: "Why not? Returning to Italy would be a good chance to prove that he wasn't a bad signing. He was only 19 when he joined Inter and he made friends there. He has a very good memory of Milan", confirms his brother. The Austrian was also offered to the Nerazzurri in the summer but the deal didn't take off because of the difficult economic aspects of it. Now thing may be different, with many clubs interested in Marko: "Many Premier League clubs are following him, like Chelsea and Everton, but they are not the only ones".

The interest of other clubs, however, will be kept under the radar of the transfer rumors at least until June, when the most ambitious clubs will be on the market to add new profiles to their squads. For now, the focus is on the present but it looks like there could be some changes ahead for Marko Arnautovic.

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