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Napoli, De Laurentiis touches on the transfer market: "Ancelotti wants James Rodriguez, we'll move forward even if he's expensive. Manolas? We are working on him, but Roma needs to lower demands"

| News | Autore: Redazione

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss about his club's transfer market. Naturally, he began with rumors that the partenopei are after James Rodriguez: "He is desired by Carlo Ancelotti. I don't know how much he can fit into our needs 100%, but his skill is clearly not in doubt. If Ancelotti asks me, even if it's expensive, we'll move ahead."

In the case that Rodriguez doesn't arrive, Napoli would decide to go after Lozano: "If the James Rodriguez solution, which we are working on with my friend Jorge Mendes, doesn't come to a conclusion, we will go to Mino Raiola to have Lozano. Sign both of them? We won't exaggerate, you can't take two players and then not have them play. Then what would we do with the others? Throw them away?"

Lastly, ADL spoke about negotiations with Roma for Manolas: "We are working on it. Albiol has communicated that he doesn't have interest in remaining and we don't hold anyone. If he goes, it does us a courtesy. Manolas can be a good replacement. But they tell me that every now and then he gets upset, maybe there's a character issue. Another obstacle comes from Roma, which has a new management in place. We are verifying how to sign a player at a suitable price as he's beginning to reach a certain age. They must lower the clause, because it risks becoming an illogical figure for Italian football."


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