Milan looking to close deal for Florenzi: interest increasing for Baka...
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Date: 17/08/2021 -

Milan looking to close deal for Florenzi: interest increasing for Bakayoko

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Milan are getting closer to Alessandro Florenzi. The deal is looking like it will be a paid loan with an option to buy, but they have to settle the final details with Roma.



 Roma have accepted Milan's offer of option to buy instead of obligation to buy, but there is a difference of 500,000 euros to settle. There could be new contact with Roma during the night or tomorrow morning to find a conclusion. 



 Milan are looking to bring back Tiémoué Bakayoko from Chelsea, even though there has been interest from Napoli and Lyon. The Rossoneri are still negotiating with the English club.



 If Bakayoko were to arrive, it will not exclude another midfielder coming in as well because Bordeaux's Adli still remains an option. It is also possible that another offensive player would arrive as well. It remains to be seen whether it will be a trequartista or a winger. Milan are expected to be a protagonist during the final days of the transfer market. 

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