Juventus, Dybala: “I ate chips and chocolate until I was fifteen years...
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Date: 25/11/2016 -

Juventus, Dybala: “I ate chips and chocolate until I was fifteen years old. School? I did not like it, but never go against your mother’s wishes”

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As Juventus thrives in both Serie A and the Champions League, Paulo Dybala is working tirelessly without respite in order to return to the pitch after he suffered an injury against Milan at the San Siro. His recovery is proceeding well, and this is good news for Allegri who hopes to have the Argentine attacker available for the final push before the holidays.

Between training sessions, Dybala took part in a press conference where he enjoyed answering a variety of questions from some fortunate, young journalists all of whom were between the ages of five and eleven: “My first goals were realized at two to three years of age when my brothers and I designed a goal on one of our walls. My parents sometimes discovered a lot of scratches on the wall and nearly killed us. What did we break the most? The plants and for this reason my mother would bring us to play at a field because after a month she could no longer replace so many plants. School? From the first year to the last my parents would always threaten that if I did not succeed academically, then I would not be able to play soccer. Fortunately, I managed to find a balance between the two. If I could go back I would improve my dexterity because my right foot is not at the same level as my left.”

With regards to diet, Dybala does not place restrictions on the young journalists: “Eat everything that you can, because now is the only time you will be able to. Later, when you get older, you should begin to eliminate that which is not good for your health. I ate chips and chocolate until I was fifteen years old, but then slowly began to change my diet.”

Juventus have a united dressing room with no shortage of joy and humor: “The biggest pranksters are Dani Alves, Higuain and Asamoah. We are a good group of happy people who know how to act around each other. This is not a secret. Crying after a loss? It happened to me once in Argentina when I lost a final, but luckily this has not happened again Italy.”

The summer market gifted Higuain to Juventus who immediately became one of Dybala’s best friends: “At this moment we are inseparable. We spend a lot of time together and leaving for the national team together has elevated our friendship. My idols who played for Juventus? Simple, Pirlo and Del Piero.”

The emotion of hearing your name yelled for the first time at the Juventus Stadium is something Dybala wil never forget: “It was something that I will carry with me forever. It was when we tied Chievo and I scored from a penalty kick. Although some of the fans were missing, it was a crazy sensation. What do I think about when I score? Before everything, I think about my father, and I dedicate all of my goals to him. I celebrate with my teammates and family who are always present at the stadium.”

In conclusion, Dybala reveals a particular desire: “Why don’t I grow my facial hair? I prefer it that way, and I want to remain without it for a long time.”

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