Inter - Modric, agents remain in Milan: the updates regarding a meetin...
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Date: 03/08/2018 -

Inter - Modric, agents remain in Milan: the updates regarding a meeting with Real Madrid

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Despite the comments made by Florentino Perez regarding the unlikeliness of a departure for star midfielder Luka Modric to Inter, the sides are still in a waiting game to see the outcome of a meeting between Modric and the Real Madrid boss. This Sunday, Modric is set to return to Madrid after his holidays, and could soon thereafter meet with Perez face-to-face.

Agent Vlado Lemic, and Guiseppe Riso, the same intermediary who helped successfully negotiate the Vrsaljko transfer to Inter, are still in Milan, holding lines of communications between Inter and Modric open.

The relationship between Modric and Real Madrid is warm, and a gentleman's agreement between the midfielder and Florentino Perez might be the solution to letting Modric leave, if that is what he decides to request. But a positive outcome of a meeting between the two is not assured, especially given Perez' revelation of a €750 million release clause in the player's contract.

Inter remain hopeful, but the next stages of the deal remain still play out.

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